Hidden Lake Gardens is celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Harry Fee’s donation of “a series of beautiful scenic pictures and views” to Michigan State University for “the benefit of the public.”  Check back often for announcements of events and activities throughout 2015 as we commemorate 70 years of Hidden Lake Gardens!

Hidden Lake Gardens began as a simple testament to the education and enjoyment of the public. The Gardens are a paradise in a park, a place which is an escape from the everyday world and yet a connection to the world of nature for every visitor. Subtle and bold courtyards display trees as works of art. There are rare and exotic plants in different conservatory settings. From the comfort of a car or on meandering footpaths, visitors have at their disposal a visual treat, ranging from the modest to the magnificent. Every season offers new adventures. Come and experience this little piece of heaven on earth.


March 7

Conifer Propagation Seminar

Location: Hidden Lake Gardens, Tipton, MI


View over Hidden Lake Cornus kousa Flowering Cherry Crabapple flowers and buds White crabapple Spring trillium and bluebells Spring redbud and trillium Crabapple flowers Spring Walk Trillium bluebell & redbud Amaryllis Hyacinth in the Conservatory Shimpaku bonsai